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ORIENT ™ Co.” originated its industrial activities in 1994, under the supervision of a pioneer group of talented engineers and technicians, with a high expertise in hot rolling mill production.

Our activities basically started in the home market, extending to the international markets, reaching a volume of export 60% of its total production.

During the last few years, ORIENT ™ Company has upgraded his expertise in hot rolling mill by producing high quality steel, establishing confident relationship with the customers & being the best business partner for them.

ORIENT ™ is already holding the lead of the Syrian market and shores in the neighborhood countries markets as a producer of deformed bars, flat bars, square & equal angles.

ORIENT ™ has a vision to increase its competitive edge, by meeting & exceeding our customers’ requirements and gaining the trust of the possible future clients.

Our production capacity reached up to “330,000” tons per year. OUR VISION is to produce steel in various shapes & types, to meet the increasing demands for construction and suit all kind of requirements for other steel productions for the Syrian & the Middle East markets.